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Wildfire enjoys a rich and diversified history. The company can trace its line straight back to 1925, in Montreal, Quebec, when Watson Jack & Co. began manufacturing a powerful, 200 psi, portable fire pump called the WAJAX - a play on the company founder's name. The company prospered and it acquired a controlling interest in F.H. Hopkins in 1951. Watson Jack & Co. and its F.H. Hopkins subsidiary were purchased by B.J. Coghlin Co. Ltd. in 1954 and were then merged into a single subsidiary, Watson Jack Hopkins Ltd., later renamed Wajax Equipment Ltd. in 1959.

Prior to World War II, Pacific Marine Supply, of Seattle, Washington, was manufacturing and selling gasoline-powered portable fire pumps and accessories to the marine, logging and wood products industry. During the war, Pacific Marine designed and produced over 44,000 P-60 Handy Billy portable pumps purchased by the U.S. Navy for de-watering flooded ship compartments and for on-board fire fighting. As a result of its commitment to the war effort, Pacific Marine was presented with the "E" Award by the U.S. War Department for service above and beyond the call of duty.

In 1964, Pacific Marine's fire division was acquired by Wajax Ltd. and its name was changed to Pacific Pumpers, Inc. This union solidified Wajax as the North American leader in forestry fire protection manufactured goods, with such products as the benchmark Mark-3® pump.

In 1973, Wajax acquired Niedner Ltd. of Quebec, then the largest manufacturer of light-weight fire hoses.

By the early 1980s, Pacific Pumpers' name was changed to Wajax-Pacific Fire Equipment, Inc., and it developed into an industry-leading manufacturer of firefighting equipment for the forestry, wildland, industrial and marine markets, servicing the entire United States.

Later, Wajax Ltd. created the Fire Control Group, comprising Wajax Manufacturing Ltd., which manufactured fire pumps, Niedner, then the largest Canadian manufacturer of fire hoses, and Wajax-Pacific Fire Equipment, Inc.

In 1995, a newly formed company, called the Wildfire Group, purchased the Fire Control Division from Wajax Limited. In February 2000, a Canadian division of Tyco (Ansul Canada Ltd) subsequently purchased the Wildfire Group. Ansul then sold Niedner, in October 2009, to Sanexen Environmental Services, and, in March 2010, Wildfire was purchased in a management buy-out by its current owners.

The upshot of Wildfire's recent management buy-out is a return to its roots as a manufacturer, driving a renewed emphasis on being the water handling experts. Wildfire invents, makes and delivers premium water handling equipment for wildland firefighters, agencies and governments worldwide. Its distribution network paired with branches in strategic locations throughout Canada and the United States, and with partners in international markets, provides the after-sales service which is of utmost importance in the wildland fire control industry.

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